Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Bukit Broga, or Broga Hill, is located near Semenyih, about 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. Its real name is Bukit Lalang, refering to the thin and long species of local grass that grows abundantly on this hill. It can be reached a short distance after the University of Nottingham, where the entrance trail starts from an oil palm estate facing a rabbit park across the road. Its easy accessibility means that there are many visitors on the weekend.

During the mornings, mist rising from the ground from the warmth of the sun envelop the landscape in a carpet of white, providing a surreal atmosphere. This is why most hikers come up during the early mornings and wait for the sunrise to catch the breath taking view. The hike itself is relatively easy, taking between 20-45 minutes to reach the highest peak depending on how fit you are. There are a few steep ascents, but nothing to hard to conquer.
p/s:sila translet sdiri~sekian!
njoing the sunrise there~
what the 'gold' moment


zazaw said...

sana sini dah org citer sal Broga
aku ni jer yg tak g lagi
tak leh jadi ni

Najmi Ahmad said...

kaber pa cta plagiat xpe jgak gambo teman...hahaha..bagoih2..sempoi2...

hans said...

aku xpenah lagi gi Broga Hill nih

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hadi! said...

zazaw:haha!naik..jgn x naik!c kosong x bantah!idop sunrise!
najmi:tok information jaaa..
hans:huhu!wajib g!bwat lawatan sbil tgk sunrise~